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How to get to Ensenada and San Pedro Mártir

The Institute of Astronomy at Ensenada

  • Road map of northern Baja California
  • The building of the Instituto de Astronomía at Ensenada, is located at kilometer 103 of the Tijuana-Ensenada highway. There is an academic complex in this region, which includes the Institute of Astronomy, the Centro de Investigaciones Científicas y Estudios Superiores de Ensenada (CICESE), the Centro de la Materia Condensada (UNAM) and the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. The latter is located by the sea, the other three are at the opposite side of the highway.

    The academic and administrative operations of the San Pedro Martir site of the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional en San Pedro Mártir are carried out from here. The address and telephones are:

    Mexican Mail                         US Mail                  
    Observatorio Astronómico Nacional    Observatorio Astronómico Nacional
    Apartado Postal 877                  P.O. Box 439027
    22800 Ensenada, Baja California      San Diego, CA 92143-9027    
    Telephones                           Fax
    (Mexico) 646-174-4548                (Mexico) 646-174-4607
    (Mexico) 646-174-4580                (Mexico) 646-174-4777
    (Mexico) 646-174-4593

    Ensenada is 100 km south of Tijuana, which is just accross the border from the US city san Diego. There are ample transportation facilities to get to Ensenada from Tijuana or san Diego.

    Tijuana to Ensenada

    There is a bus service (from the Tijuana airport to Ensenada, which costs some 21 US. From the bus station at Ensenada you can take a taxi to the Institute of Astronomy (ask to go to the Observatorio; if that doesn't work ask to go to CICESE, which is just accross).

    San Diego-Tijuana-Ensenada

    If you reach San Diego, you must first get to the Tijuana border. There are two options to go from the San Diego airport to the border (San Ysidro):

    1) Take a taxi (expensive option).

    2) Take a bus to the trolley station at the center of San Diego (America Plaza station, near of the Broadway & Kettner Bl corner). The trolley will take you to San Ysidro for 2.50 US. This is the most frequently used option.

    Cross the border on foot (avoid heavy luggage!). Just accross the border there is a bus stations servicing Ensenada (ABC). Buses leave every 30 minutes, and the price is about 12 US. The trip takes 1.5 hours (in the meanwhile you can see the scenary or a movie).

    Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, San Pedro Mártir

    To reach the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional at San Pedro Mártir you must take the transpeninsular highway and travel 139 km south, until you reach the detour where the narrow road leading to San Pedro starts (some 25 km south of Colonet). The Observatory is 100 km away from this detour. Starting from Ensenada, it will take some 4 hours to reach the Observatory if road conditions are reasonable (watch for snow and rain). A 4 wheel drive vehicle is adviseable, though not necessary if the weather is well.

    The OAN does not provide food, lodging, gasoline or mechanical service. Take this into account if you plan to go there. The sierra is 2830 meters high. Expect night temperatures between 5 and 10 C in the summer and down to -10 C in the winter. You can obtain additional information at the Institute of Astronomy in Ensenada.

    If you are a visiting astronomer attendig an observing run, the Observatory will take you to and bring you back from San Pedro. Four wheel drive vehicles are used. All trips leave at 9 am (from Ensenada and San Pedro). Consider this when you plan your trip (2 extra days are adviseable). You will receive lodging, food and, of course, all the necessary support to carry out your work. There are no charges for researchers from any Latin American astronomy research institution. All others have to pay a daily fee.

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